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Since 1944 we have established an enviably strong reputation of providing high quality education to pre-primary school children. Our staff are extremely dedicated and come with a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure your child grows and develops in their time at Staverton. At Staverton we believe in providing a nurturing, caring environment for children to feel safe and enthusiastic to be learning and developing within our program. We love seeing the children develop and blossom as we prepare them for their journey into school and life.

Staverton Kindergarten Exceeds National Quality Standards

Staverton Kindergarten received an overall rating of Exceeding National Quality Standards by the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care. As part of the National Quality Framework under which all Kindergarten programmes are assessed, we exceed expectations in 6 out of the 7 areas. The high quality of our programme built by our teachers has been a key part of this result. Alongside this, the dedication of our Educators and our dilligent and commendable committee, have all contributed to the wonderful culture of playing, discovering and growing here at Staverton. A quote from the report ‘at Staverton our ‘[Teachers and Educators] have created a sense of ‘belonging’ in the design of both indoor and outdoor environments and demonstrate play can be a catalyst for learning everywhere.’ This encapsulates what Staverton is all about in preparing our children to start learning outside our homes about the world that we live in and how to thrive as capable, confident and active learners. To better understand the NFQ and the key areas in which our Kindy exceeds, please see the following links: The National Quality Framework (NQF) provides a national approach to regulation, assessment and quality improvement for early childhood education and care. National Quality Framework web links

Quality Area – Educational Program & Practice 
Educational program and practice of educators are child-centred, stimulating and maximise opportunities for enhancing and extending each child’s learning and development.
Learning Through Play web links
Literacy and Numeracy web links
Quality Area 2 – Children’s Health & Safety 
Children have the right to experience quality education and care in an environment that safeguards and promotes their health, safety and wellbeing.
Health and Wellbeing web links
Quality Area 3 – Physical Environment 
Physical environment is safe, suitable and provides a rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development.

Our Environment

Staverton Kindy is a well equipped and maintained centre set in a beautiful picturesque environment, with plenty of leafy shaded areas and space for the children to play and learn. It is a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment that we are very proud of.

Our Community

We are very proud of our community at Staverton Kindergarten. If anyone has something to contribute we are grateful for any involvement community members can make. Our social events as we list them on this site and in our newsletter are open for all to attend. It’s a great way to become involved prior to or after your child’s attending year or to simply stay involved between attending children. Our committee meetings are held once a month at the kindergarten and all are welcome to attend.

Our Classes

Staverton Kindy has 2 units, which together provide four kindergarten classes consisting of a maximum of 22 children in each group. All our teaching staff are highly qualified Early Childhood Educators. Each unit has one teacher and one educator and we have additional needs assistants when required to provide support to the teacher and children to further enhance the children’s early learning experience.

Our Staff

Our staff are 100% dedicated to nurturing and educating children through their early formative years in preparation for school. The children at our kindy attend a 5 day fortnight, 8.30am – 2.35pm in compliance with the Governments funding requirements of 15 hours attendence by children per week. Staverton is staffed by highly qualified Early Childhood Educators who also hold current first-aid certificates and Blue Cards. All of our teachers are approved Kindergarten Program Providers (KPP). Each teacher is assisted by one educator in the classroom to support the teacher and the children in the daily program. Additional needs assistants are provided when required. Teachers

Mrs Kristy Coombs

Teacher. Graduate Diploma (Early Childhood)

Mrs Mina Kevat

Educator. Diploma of Children’s Services

Mrs Angela Strickland

Diploma of Child Care and Education

Mrs Margarita Chercoles

Teacher Bachelor of Early Childhood

Mrs Lee-Anne Harvey

Assoc. Diploma of Education (Childcare)

Phoebe Roberts

Additional needs assistant - Gwala group

Mrs Kate Beutel

Nominated Supervisor.
Bachelor of Education (Primary). Diploma in Children’s Services

Mrs Judy Ford

Teacher. Bachelor of Education Studies

Donna Williams


Karen Coomber

AKHC Educator

Genevieve Border

AKHC Educator

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